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Full-steam ahead at Preston West PS, with Brightsign HD1020 Digital Media Player

DIB Australia have established a positive relationship with Preston West for almost 7 years, providing simplified and easy-to-use AV solutions to a variety of education and administration spaces. A short time ago, the school contacted DIB Australia to help them with the design and installation of digital signage in their school reception/foyer area.

Preston West PS - Philips 55 inch LED commercial display (BDL5520QL), BrightSign HD1020 Digital Media Player

Preston West PS reception foyer, with Philips 55 inch (BDL5520QL) commercial panel

There were certain aspects of this space that made it less straightforward than most Digital signage AV installations. The main reason for this was due to the main foyer area having cupboards on the wall which would best suit a digital signage display. A unique solution had to be found. After consultation with the school, our consultant discovered that the top cupboards were not utilised very much and a panel could be installed towards the base of the top cupboards. This would place the panel at a good viewing height, as well as above the reach of students and traffic flow, where the panel could get damaged. This solution also allowed the continued use of the bottom cupboards for storage space.

Preston West PS, BrightSign HD1020 Digital Media Player

Hidden BrightSign HD1020 digital media player

To give an excellent digital content display, the BrightSign HD1020 Digital Media Player was used. This was cleverly hidden in the cupboard space behind the panel, to allow for a flush mounting of the Philips 55” LED panel (BDL5520QL). A HDMI and data connection were provided to the BrightSign HD1020 unit, to allow for easy modification of content to stream to the Full-HD Philips commercial panel (which come with a 3 year warranty). The BrightAuthor software that comes with the BrightSign HD1020 digital media player provides a seamless interface to program, change configuration and content wanting to be displayed.

The AV solution provided gives Preston West PS a unique digital signage solution for their space and the ability to promote the school, displaying upcoming events as well as activities that have occurred within the school.


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