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Classroom Installations

Modern Classroom Technology at St James College

The school is a valued past client of DIB Australia, and the team were excited to work with them on audio visual installations for their new building. This article will cover the three classroom installations. Click here to read about the AV installation for the school’s new foodtech room.

The DIB team designed and installed audio visual systems in the school’s new music room, art room, and seminar space. During design of the AV solutions a site visit was performed to survey the space and assess the school’s needs. As St James contacted DIB early in the construction process, we were able to coordinate with builders to run cabling while the walls and ceilings were still accessible for a clean and neat result. This way cabling could be run through the walls and ceiling instead of being covered with casing on wall surfaces.

phillips led panel classroom technology

Phillips LED panel in the seminar space

Each room saw the installation of a full HD monitor. The music and art rooms each received a 75″ Sony Bravia monitor, while a more conventional 55″ Phillips LED panel was installed in the Seminar space. All three displays provide a fantastic viewing experience with a vibrant and bright image. Teachers and students could connect to these panels using HDMI wall ports, or through the installed AppleTV boxes. AppleTV is an increasingly popular product with schools that use iPads in the classroom. It functions with virtually any television, monitor, or projectors and works to wirelessly mirror the screen from an Apple device. This makes it quick and easy for students to share work from their iPads and encourages collaboration in the classroom. The monitors were also configured so that they could receive a live video feed from the school’s Performing Arts Centre.

classroom technology sony bravia appletv

75″ Sony Bravia panel in the art room

With every installation, the DIB team also strives to ensure that the our audio visual systems are easy to use. Many technologies in the school or business-place can be overwhelming or confusing. We prevent misuse of AV equipment by working hard to simplify our systems, making sure they are intuitive to users regardless of tech experience. This was achieved at St James College with the installation of Joey Micro control panels in each room. Installed in 7- and 6-button variants, these wall control panels were custom programmed by the DIB team to provide a simple way of operating the classroom systems. The panels featured buttons to choose a video/audio source, whether it be AppleTV, HDMI inputs, or the Performing Arts Centre video feed. Also present were clearly labelled volume controls and an on/off button. LED lights on the panel help to clarify what state the system is in. For example, when the AppleTV has been selected, its button will light up to indicate it is in use.

joey micro control panel classroom technology

Joey Micro control panel (click to enlarge)

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