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EPSON EB-585W ultra short throw classroom projector

Classroom Projector Upgrade at Parade College

Parade College is a popular Catholic school for boys with a strong reputation across Melbourne. Since being established in 1871, the school has always provided a versatile and holistic education for its students. The college has almost 1900 students and great facilities between its two campuses to the north of Melbourne. Utilising the latest technologies has been shown to be critical to a more modern and powerful learning experience.

The school came to DIB Australia for six classroom projector upgrades in its two campuses. A projector is a must-have in any classroom, allowing teachers to incorporate videos and better presentations into their lesson plans. This creates a more engaging experience for students.

Outdated projectors can be difficult to use, with weak picture quality and a bulky, obtrusive appearance. In light of this, the DIB Audio Visual team worked with the college to upgrade their projectors to EPSON EB-585W’s. The EB-585W projector features an ultra short throw. This means it sits out of the way, close to the wall, preventing any shadows from being cast and allowing users to stand next to the picture without blinding glare. The classroom projector produces an super-bright image so that students can clearly view the display from all over the rooms no matter the lighting conditions. The EB-585W is truly designed with the classroom in mind.

EPSON EB-585W ultra short throw classroom projector

EPSON EB-585W ultra short throw projector

The DIB team wanted to make sure that teachers could connect to the upgraded projectors and control them with ease. To meet this goal, a Joey micro wall control panel was installed with each projector. As evident in the image below, the Joey micro control panel simplifies control of the system with each function clearly set out and labelled. Likewise, DIB installed HDMI and VGA with audio wall inputs so that connecting a laptop to the system is fast and easy.

Joey micro wall control panel, HDMI and VGA + audio wall inputs for classroom projector

Joey micro wall control panel, HDMI and VGA + audio wall inputs

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