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EPSON EB-585Wi Interactive Projector Classroom Interactivity

EPSON EB-585Wi Interactive Projector

Classroom Interactivity for Eltham North Primary School

A valuable asset to the local community, Eltham North Primary School prides itself on providing a quality education for all its students. The school enjoys strong academic results with a broad and innovative curriculum. Eltham North Primary features architecturally designed learning spaces that blend with the beautiful setting surrounding it.

Having worked with DIB Australia since 2012 during the AV design and completion of their new classroom and presentation areas, the team at Eltham North Primary enlisted DIB Australia to upgrade two of the school’s classrooms to take advantage of the benefits of classroom interactivity technologies. Working with Eltham North Primary, the DIB consultants settled on two EPSON EB-585Wi Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projectors. The school sports beautiful classrooms, and the DIB team wanted to make sure that the projectors did not intrude on this design. With this in mind, the EPSON EB-585Wi projectors were perfect with their unobtrusive, sleek, and clean construction. These classroom interactivity solutions boast a vibrant 3300 Lumens display and high contrast ratio, ensuring that students can clearly see the presented content from any angle.

EPSON EB-585Wi Interactive Projector Classroom Interactivity

EPSON EB-585Wi Interactive Projector

Connectivity is made simple with no driver installation required and the projectors’ ability to self-calibrate. This way teachers can get straight into teaching their lessons without being bogged down with complicated setups. The team at DIB Australia also installed HMDI, USB, and VGA with audio wall inputs letting a myriad of devices connect to the interactive projector quickly and easily.

Teachers and students at Eltham North Primary can interact with the projector using special pens. They allow users to draw and manipulate content on the board. Classroom interactivity using these projectors lets users engage with their content directly, adding an entire new dimension to lessons and presentations. The EPSON EB-585Wi also features Dual Pen Interactivity, meaning that the teacher and student can annotate at the same time, resulting in fluid and intuitive use of the device.

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