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Upgrade time for Kilbreda

Kilbreda College is an independent Roman Catholic secondary day school for girls, located in the Melbourne suburb of Mentone, Victoria, Australia. It was founded in 1904 by the Brigidine Sisters and is governed by Kildare Ministries.

Kilbreda speaks of a mission to inspire people today to value culture, education and faith, always with a strong sense of justice.

Having high quality learning systems supported by audiovisual enhances the learning experience, and DIB Audiovisual is proud to support our client schools with our work.

In this instance, we installed a range of new projectors. One in particular was the
EPSON EB-685W 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector.


The Key Features of this projector are:

– Ultra Short Throw – Minimal shadows and glare. Ideal for use with interactive whiteboards.
– Ultra Bright Images – With a brightness of 3,300 lumens White and Colour Light Output
– Advanced Networking Capability – Enables users to monitor, control and present from a
remote location
– Broad Connectivity Including HDMI, USB display, PC Free slideshows, network and optional
wireless connectivity

As always, DIB aims to make all our installs easy to use for all. This is achieved by installing controllers such as the Extron MLC55 wall control panel for your room. This panel
will simply operation of your system and do away with the need for complex and easily lost
remote controls. These panels are typically setup to include buttons such as On, Off, HDMI, VIVI & Vol Up & Vol Down selection. They will even turn your system off automatically if it is accidentally left on, saving lamp/projector life and power.

Extron MLC 55

The Extron panels are very user friendly and feature push buttons that click in to confirm for
the user that the input has been registered. They also feature backlight illumination of the
buttons to indicate status.

We also included a VIVI subscription into this installation.

This Vivi Software Package also includes the following:
– Free Vivi software client downloads on all platforms (iOS, OS X, Windows, Android,
– Access to the Vivi Admin Portal for centralised management of learning spaces
– Firmware and software updates to support new OS releases across all operating
environments (Microsoft, Apple, and Google)
– Technical and engineering support

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