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Updated AV classroom install at Westall Secondary College

Westall Secondary College is a culturally rich and diverse learning community, located in Melbourne’s southern suburb of Clayton South.

Recently, the school had the need to install an AV system to update one of their classrooms. Solutions Consultant, Gabi Ceglia worked with the school to understand their needs and the teachers who would be using the system, in order to design the best solution for their needs in the space.

As part of the solution, an Epson Epson EB-585We projector was selected as the main display technology. These education model projectors (identified by the “e” on the end) have a couple of unique features that make them appealing to education environments. The first is the orange panel across the buttons, which prevents teachers or students playing with settings. The Epson EB-585We projector also has a security password, which is made known on the orange panel, deterring potential theft of the technology.

To create an easy-to-use AV system in the classroom, a JED T460 control panel was integrated. This a straightforward, 4 button system with On/Source, Off, Vol Up, Vol Down, configuration. This setup removes any major barrier for the users, which can occur when a system design is more complicated for operation.

Westall SC - JED T460 control panel - DIB Audio Visual (med)

JED T460 control panel with LED display

Westall SC - JED T460 and HDMI inputs - DIB Audio Visual (med)

JED T460 control panel & HDMI, VGA (+ audio) inputs

Both HDMI & VGA (+ Audio), were installed for connection to the main display from PC, laptop or tablet. Epson speakers were also integrated to reinforce the sound in the room.

The new DIB AV installation at Westall SC has created a simplified, yet powerful AV solution to provide an enhanced learning experience for both students and teachers.

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