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What’s in the Pod? Unique AV Library Space at Balwyn High

Balwyn High School is a progressive, high achieving state secondary school in the leafy inner-eastern suburb of North Balwyn. With the creation of unique learning spaces, such as the Year 9 Xplore Centre, they are always looking at ways to create purpose-specific learning spaces.

So when they were looking at creating a unique learning space in the Library, with a specific design brief in mind, they contacted the team at DIB to work with the design specs and provide a simplified AV solution. The design brief and vision for the learning space was clear and included creating multiple “breakout pods” in an area which had lots of windows and non-flat walls.

In consultation with staff at Balwyn High, a unique AV solution was designed and installed. This consisted of using auto-on monitors, fastened to a colour-matched laminate, allowing the monitors to be mounted over windows and onto other difficult surfaces. These carefully selected monitors (with a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees), were mounted above half-circle desks with chairs, to create the “pods” for use in learning break out sessions.

Article 3 - PHOTO 2 - Balwyn High - Pods in Library (med)

Breakout Pods in Library at Balwyn High School

This design made the space functional and made the technology in the space easy to operate, as control panels were not required for the monitors. Simply connect a device via HDMI or VGA cable and the screen detects the input.

The “breakout pods” in the library met the design brief from Balwyn High and created a simplified, but effective learning area for students to use.

For more information about this unique AV installation or if you require assistance with your custom AV requirements, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457-4800 or contact us