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Trinity Grammar gets a new lecture theatre

For over 110 years, Trinity Grammar School has provided the highest quality education to young men of Melbourne and beyond. They pride themselves on growing exceptional young men who move on to take their place in the world as considerate, resilient and enquiring members of society.

DIB Australia had the honour of working with trinity Grammar to upgrade their lecture theatre. The theatre has been fitted out with the latest in AV equipment, from 22 ich LED TVs, a projector with a 180 inch screen, and the latest speakers for immersive sound.

A complete refurb from top to bottom

Trinity Grammar got more than a retro-fit of new AV gear on an old lecture theatre. Everything from the seating, sound insulation, and even the drop curtain were replaced.

Trinity Grammar

The sound proofing on the roof is designed to direct the sound outwards whilst working around the lighting design. Sound proofing also controls the levels from speakers, making sure audio isn’t too sharp or bass heavy.

Trinity Grammar

The projector has been discreetly placed up the back of the theatre to fit with the lecture space. The rigid brackets and mounting stop the projector from vibrating or rattling, keeping the image crisp and clear.

The most discreet access panel you never saw.

Many of the major connections are hidden behind access panels that run flush with the stage, lectern, or behind the lecture hall. These panels are easy to access whilst being out of the way, and feature tailored cable management to keep the stage clear at all times.

Trinity Grammar

A whole new lecture theatre

Trinity Grammar’s new lecture theatre is stunning to say the least. The simple colour palette of black and white makes the screen pop in front of the new curtain. The slated roof gives the theatre a contemporary design that improves the audio experience.

Trinity Grammar

The large screen commands attention and the speaker system makes it impossible to be ignored. This is a lecture theatre that will serve Trinity Grammar well for many years to come.

Trinity Grammar

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DIB worked with Trinity Grammar to design the best lecture theatre possible. This wouldn’t have been possible without cooperation with the other contractors and a focus on a quality AV setup right from the start.

We can work with your team to do your own custom install. Our team will assess the needs of your space and design a solution specific to your organisation.

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