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Overnewton – Upgrading 100 Classrooms for Interactive Projection

Overnewton Anglican Community College is a bright modern facility spread over two campuses in Melbourne’s North West, just 20 minutes from the CBD. The College is organised into Junior School (Prep – Year 4), Middle School (Years 5 – 8), Canowindra (Year 9), and Senior School (Years 10 – 12). The structure gives a small school community intimacy to the entire College and is supported by the large school facilities, wide range of VCE subject choices and support services.

In 2012 the College opened a new purpose built state of the art Junior School and upgraded 20 classrooms to include interactive projector technology. The power and versatility of the Epson range was appealing to the College and the project was a huge success. The new technology proved to be extremely popular with staff and students.

Inspired by the success of the previous project; the College decided to implement interactive projectors in the remaining 100+ classrooms in the College. However, they did not want the upgrade process to interfere with the learning environment as it was imperative that lessons were uninterrupted throughout the installation process.

For this reason they decided to take a two-phased approach to the upgrade. The Term 1 break was selected as the perfect time to begin the upgrade. Each classroom was fitted with new speakers to support the new projector system and brand new HDMI cabling in the walls to prepare for the arrival of the projectors themselves. DIB Australia worked in tandem with the school’s electrician to ensure that all power points were installed in the correct locations.

During the Term 2 break, the Epson EB-485Wi interactive projector was installed in every classroom. Given the scale of the project, Epson provided extra support to the College and had each projector’s IP settings individually pre-programmed so that from the moment it was installed the new technology was quick and simple to setup on the school’s wireless network.

The result for teaching staff has been pleasing as there was no interruption to teaching during the project. Teachers have also found that because each classroom has exactly the same equipment they can easily provide technology driven lessons even if using classrooms other than their own.

Overnewton boardroom