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NEW Senior Years Building – Ivanhoe Grammar – Plenty Campus

Ivanhoe Grammar School is a multi-campus, co-educational Anglican school with a proud history of academic achievement and co-curricular opportunity. DIB have created a long-term relationship with the school, assisting with AV solutions for existing classroom and learning spaces, as well as new building projects. So, when the Plenty Campus in Mernda required assistance for their new Senior Years building, DIB was contacted to provide AV solutions within the different spaces.

As with many NEW building projects, DIB was involved in the early stages of the design, planning and building process. DIB Solutions Consultant Sam Garden, provided valuable input into the design phase, worked in close cooperation with key IT and property staff from Ivanhoe and help them to coordinate and embed their ideas into the building project via the consultants, architects and builder. This was done in order to make sure that the AV solutions would meet the learning needs of the staff and students using the Senior Years building. A key benefit of this approach with new building design is not only does it create great, workable AV solutions for each space, but more importantly allows the cabling of each room to be done BEFORE rooms are completed. This can be key in providing an aesthetically-pleasing result.

The new building consisted of 10 General Purpose Classrooms, a Breakout area, 3 Senior Year Labs (including a physics lab), 5 smaller rooms and a Lab for Primary.

Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus - New Senior Years Building - Philips BDL5520QL 65 inch LED TV - Small Room 1 -  DIB Audio Visual (med)

Philips BDL5520QL 65 inch LED TV

All areas included one of the following technologies as their main display; Epson EB-595Wie projector, Epson EB-1430Wi projector (MeetingMate series) or the Philips 65 inch LED panel BDL6520QL. This provided Ivanhoe with the latest in interactive projectors, with many collaborative capabilities, including the ability for several students to use the main display simultaneously for collaborative learning. Another opportunity for collaborative inter-campus learning is possible, with the Epson EB-1430Wi projector, which can allow teachers and students to share learning between campuses. In each space, the JED T460 control panel was chosen to create a simple-to-use interface for the projector/LED panel.

Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus - New Senior Years Building - Pic 1 - Gen Purpose Classroom-  DIB Audio Visual

Epson EB-1430Wi projector

Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus - New Senior Years Building - Philips BDL6520QL 65 inch display GP Classroom -  DIB Audio Visual (med)

Philips BDL6520QL 65 inch display

The three Senior Years labs incorporated the Epson EB-1430Wi projectors into custom designed spaces specific to the learning (ie. Physics lab). Within the Physics Lab, the Philips BDL6520QL 65 inch display was also included as part of the AV system. This served two major purposes; due to multiple island benches throughout the room, it allowed for mirroring of content of the Epson MeetingMate projector, as well as a separate display for breakout sessions for smaller groups.

The Epson EB-1430Wi projector was also chosen for the Primary Lab. This interactive projector allows for many classroom scenarios, including students sharing on the main display through the Epson Multi-PC Projection feature.

Breakout areas included the Sony 60 inch panel (SMART TV with built-in WiFi), coupled again with the JED T460 control panel, creating uniformity throughout the entire Senior Years building and an aesthetically pleasing result. Apple TV was integrated into the Breakout AV installation to provide an easy way to display content and mirror iOS devices to the main display. Design consideration was also given in all the AV systems spaces to support the Mirrorcast standard of wireless connectivity, the systems have been designed to accommodate that requirement, so that once the technology stabilises to a level where the school is happy deploy it.

Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus - New Senior Years Building - Philips BDL6520QL 65 inch display Breakout Area JED T460 -  DIB Audio Visual (med)

Sony KDL60W600PSD Bravia Pro Series display in Breakout Area

Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus - New Senior Years Building - GP Classroom JED T460 control Panel -  DIB Audio Visual

JED T460 Control Panel with LED

For a better audio experience, high quality Apart speakers (SDQ5PIR-W) were chosen in all areas where speakers were fitted. These 2x30w active speakers are designed in Belgium, which produce more audio horsepower and quality to the Epson speakers that are generally used in many classroom installations.

For all interactive projector rooms (EB-595Wi / EB-1430Wi), connections input plates were provided for HDMI, VGA + Audio & USB. In many cases data cables were located directly below this plate for easy access for staff.

Ivanhoe Grammar School - Plenty Campus - New Senior Years Building - General Classroom - HDMI, VGA, USB wallplate -  DIB Audio Visual (med)

A great team effort between Ivanhoe Grammar School, DIB and other building contractors has provided the Plenty Campus of Ivanhoe Grammar with an excellent facility for teaching and learning into the 21st Century.

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