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Melbourne Girls Grammar gets an AV Upgrade!

Melbourne Girls Grammar School is an Anglican, girls-only school, with a rich history, located in the heart of the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. Having a large student body and teaching staff, MGGS required the upgrade of the AV systems within 19 rooms. These main rooms included regular and science classrooms, as well as a Seminar Room, Library Classroom and a Year 12 Common Room.

DIB consultant Sam Garden consulted closely with staff at MGGS to make sure each room was covered in great detail and made sure the needs of teachers would be met within the AV system design.

MGGS - Science Room - Epson EB-5353W- DIB Audio Visual (med)

This attention to detail in the upgrades included integrating the existing Bose Sound systems into the AV systems in the Science Rooms, as these were high quality systems and worth reusing in the upgrade. To give a better audio experience in other rooms that did not have the Bose Sound systems, high quality Apart speakers (SDQ5PIR-W) were chosen. These 2x30w active speakers are designed in Belgium, which produce more audio horsepower and quality to the Epson speakers that are generally used in many classroom installs.

MGGS - Main Pic - Epson EB-585W projector - DIB Audio Visual (med)

Apart speakers (SDQ5PIR) & Epson EB-585W

Another important factor which was looked at was the use of the Epson Ultra Short Throw Projectors in the regular classrooms. In order to integrate the Epson EB-585W projectors into these AV systems the projector was custom-mounted to the ceiling, as opposed to the regular above whiteboard location. This attention to detail is something that DIB clients really value when doing an AV installation.

Due to the low ceilings, the Science Rooms were installed with Epson EB-535W projectors, which were mounted at maximum height to help prevent shadows from people walking in front, as well as helping prevent people bumping into it. The JED T460 control panels were chosen for easy-to-use operation of the AV system. Where possible, JED control panels were refurbished to save Looking towards the future, HDMI was the choice for input plate connection to the projectors.

MGGS - Science Room Main Pic Epson EB-5353W- DIB Audio Visual (med)

Epson EB-5353W projector

MGGS - Science Room JED T460 and HDMI connection - DIB Audio Visual (med)

JED T460 control panel & HDMI

An added attention to detail in the consultative process involved finding an approach to connect wirelessly to the displays, with MGGS predominantly using Windows 8 devices. After trialling and testing many different technologies, it was decided to use the built-in functionality of Epson EasyMP, within the projectors. These were configured as part of the installation. Whilst there are some limitations with this resource, it is built-in (free) and works quite effectively. On top of this, there is software for IT Managers to deploy this directly onto a teacher’s desktop. (NOTE: This software is not available directly on the Epson website; please contact DIB on 9457-4800 for further information).

In the regular classrooms, Ultra Short Throw projectors were utilised. The Epson EB-585W projectors were selected to create a large 96 inch image over the whiteboard. These were coupled again with the JED T460 control panels, helping create uniformity across  the school. Once again, HDMI inputs were chosen to connect to the projector.

MGGS - JED T460 control panel  - DIB Audio Visual (med)

JED T460 control panel

DIB were able to meet the tight timeframe requested from MGGS and deliver the project as required. The final result sees MGGS rooms fitted out with modern AV technology, which should give them AV systems that will last 6-8 years.
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