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Philips 65" LED Commercial Displays

Philips 65" LED Commercial Displays

Korowa Anglican Girls School upgrades their Food Tech Classroom

Korowa Anglican Girl’s School in Melbourne is a leader in the education of girls and has been since 1890 and is renowned for its academic excellence. Korowa focuses on each individual student, seeking to create an environment in which all students are encouraged and inspired to reach their full potential. Their Early Learning Centre welcomes 3 & 4-year-old girls and boys, then from Prep – Year 12 and offers a specialised all-girls’ environment. The school maintains an extremely high standard of technology to equip the students with edu-tech opportunities.

Installation process

Korowa was seeking to revitalise their food technology space and dining space. A Dual HD camera system has been installed in the Food Technology room. The upgrades involved the installation of a camera system which displayed a live feed of various cooking techniques demonstrated by the teacher, from both workbench and stovetop on a Philips monitor. The camera system also included a floor switch so that teacher can quickly switch between the bench and stovetop cameras without having to stop what they’re doing.

For the kitchen the DIB team, installed two full HD cameras fixed above the teacher’s preparation bench and stove top. These were set up to transmit to Philips 55″ LED displays positioned at the student benches, and one larger Philips 65″ LED display positioned behind the teacher preparation area. The Philips displays were chosen by DIB due to their high definition video, with the vivid LED backlight allowing students to clearly view the screen from all over the kitchen. The displays are also economical, with features allowing the user to reduce energy consumption if needed. The DIB team worked to make sure that the entire system looked stylish and complemented the modern classroom.

Bundled with the supply of the SENNHEISER wireless microphones and installation of four wall-mounted speakers, students are given the complete solution to viewing and hearing a demonstration happening at the front of the room from anywhere in the classroom, no more crowding around the bench.

Food switch for teacher

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