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Classroom Installations

Epson AV update for Classroom hits the target at Roxburgh College

Being a large secondary state school, Roxburgh College has many classrooms for which a small percentage of classrooms would be required to be updated on an annual basis. One such room came up recently and the team at DIB were called to help assist with an AV solution for the space.

DIB consultant Gabi met with staff at Roxburgh College to determine what the best solution would be for the classroom. Once determining the needs for the space, Gabi designed a AV solution that would suit the teaching and learning needs of staff and students at the College.

The Epson EB575Wi ultra short throw projector was chosen to be the main display for the classroom. By using the special interactive pens provided with the interactive projector, staff and students can interact with the content displayed, making it truly a collaborative learning experience.

Roxburgh College - JED T460 Control Panel - DIB Audio Visual

JED T460 control panel with LED display

This Epson projector was partnered with the JED T460 control panel, to create a seamless and easy operation of the AV system, with four simple buttons. HDMI and VGA (+ audio) inputs were also provided to allow users to easily connect to the main display, including a USB input to give the projector interactive functionality. Epson powered speakers rounded off the installation, to provide sufficient audio playback for the system.

Roxburgh College - HDMI and VGA inputs - DIB Audio Visual

HDMI, VGA & USB inputs for connection to interactive Epson EB-575Wi projector

Overall, DIB have designed and installed a functional, easy-to-use AV system, which will provide a positive, enhanced learning experience for students now, and many years to come at Roxburgh College.

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