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Balwyn High School – Xplore Centre Upgrade

Balwyn High is a high achieving state secondary school in the inner-east suburbs of Melbourne. The whole concept for the Xplore Program emerged from a desire to engage students at Year 9 and to make the Year 9 experience an exceptional and challenging one. Hence a building was to be designed to facilitate these types of learning experiences. An important point to note in this project is Balwyn High’s position of doing these types of upgrades across various budgets, so as to disperse the expense and make the whole project more manageable.

As with all DIB AV solutions, the main purpose is to create easy-to-use systems and with simplicity being a key component of this, it makes the use of the space more enjoyable to use. It was with this in mind that DIB approached this AV upgrade.

The existing setup in the lower floor had three zones, which had limited functionality and connectivity. DIB provided a unique AV solution, where an integrated functionality between the spaces and additional connectivity in each space was provided. This included designing a “GLOBAL” function (being able to display the same content on all three screens simultaneously) and a “Local” function (the ability to use each projectors independent of the others). The additional installation of local HDMI inputs for each projector, in each zone, allowed for the independent or Local usability of each space. Included in the upgrade was also a new Epson EB4750W projector.

Balwyn High School - Xplore Centre Upgrade (Grandview Procetor screen)

All these upgraded features were then interfaced with a easy-to-use JoeyLite 9 control panel, whereby a simple selection of buttons a teacher could control the input and output for the projector in any specific zone.

Balwyn High School - Xplore Centre Upgrade (JoeyLite 9 Control Panel)

Also, DIB setup custom Kramer VA-1VGAN EDID Emulator into the installation, which allowed all projectors to display in widescreen format (to bring display as is the standard with most laptops not). Another unique element to the create the GLOBAL function was the use of the CommBox AV Box MkII (ZTS0025), allowing for individual volume control in each zone. For the projection surface, DIB chose to use Grandview projector screens for all three spaces. A suitable AV equipment rack was also chosen to store all the relevant AV equipment for the upgrade.

Balwyn High School - Xplore Centre Upgrade (AV Rack - CommBox AV Box MkII (ZTS0025), Kramer VA-1VGAN EDID Emulator

DIB have worked hard to produce easy-to-use spaces within the Xplore Centre at Balwyn High. Now having Global and Local functionality makes these learning spaces even more enjoyable to use!

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