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Classroom Installations

Advanced classroom / Multipurpose space for Koonung Secondary College

Koonung I5117 broad view

DIB Australia recently assisted Koonung Secondary College with the development of a unique classroom / multipurpose space to facilitate advanced learning, large group presentations and teacher professional development.

The space was actually 3 separate spaces with a classroom at the front, an overflow room directly behind it and then a 3rd much larger space behind that.

The system was designed to operate either as separate spaces or as joint spaces with both vision, sound and wireless microphone systems.

The system provided accesKoonung SC - I5117 - Racks to VGA and HDMI laptop inputs as well as Apple TV integration into all spaces.

A unique feature was the design and installation of a classroom capture system with view of both teacher/presentation and student group.  This simple capture system is one touch and saves the MP4 video file direct to USB thumb drive complete with audio for the teacher to use/review later as they need.

The core of this recording system is the Crestron capture-hd.




DIB Classroom Recording System Brochure