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Elegant Video Conference Installation for Caulfield Grammar School: Part 2 – Technology and Features

This is part 2 of a series of articles exploring DIB’s installation of a conference room audio visual solution for Caulfield Grammar School. This part goes in-depth about the benefits and features of the different devices of that make up this installation. Click here for Part 1, which introduces the installation and looks at its overall functionality.

The TelyHD video conference system was arguably the most important aspect of the installation. Any video collaboration system had to be powerful, reliable, and easy to use. The DIB team chose the TelyHD because it meets all of these demands. Providing 720p video calling, the TelyHD system make collaboration easy and allow Caulfield Grammar School to hold high quality video conferences. Finally, the system also comes with a 3 year hardware warranty. This combines with DIB’s 3 year service and support warranty for our workmanship for the ultimate reliability package.

A Kramer box was cleanly installed into the conference room table. This provides convenient connections including HDMI, USB, and ethernet inputs. Users could also display content on the 55 inch screen wirelessly using the AppleTV device. These are popular in many schools where students and teachers use iPads or Macbooks. They make it quick and simple to mirror the display of any Apple device to a monitor or TV in 1080p high definition. Together these provide users with a variety of options for connecting to the video conference system.

kramer table box

Kramer table box with HDMI, USB, ethernet inputs, microphone fly lead, and power sockets.

In all DIB installations, the team works hard to ensure that the system can be easily used. Misuse of audio visual systems can prevent the user from accessing the technology’s full potential and reaching greater understanding. To avoid this, DIB installations are designed so that they are intuitive and simple to operate. For Caulfield’s conference room, this meant the installation of the Extron MLC 62 wall control panel. It was custom programmed to handle all of the essential functions of the video conference system, with buttons to turn the entire system on/off, select from the different video sources, and adjust volume/mute. The buttons are backlit so that they are illuminated when selected, helping to clarify which function is being performed and what state the system is in.

 Extron MLC 62 wall control panel for video conference installation

Extron MLC 62 wall control panel

Overall, this installation will provide Caulfield Grammar School with a modern and capable meeting room that will allow staff to easily powerful video conferences.

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