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View on screen of the conference room

View on screen of the conference room

Teachers get prepared at Mother Teresa Catholic P.S

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School in Craigieburn is established on the former mid 19th century pastoral and farming complex Olrig. In fact the original bluestone homestead still sits on the school’s property and is used for various sustainability activities by the school including a vegetable garden.

Ever progressive, the school is part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program.

It was progress in the mind of the principal – Christopher Reed – when his team commissioned DIB Audiovisual for the latest in a long run of technology projects over the last decade.

The team at DIB Audiovisual pride ourselves on keeping our clients and schools informed of the latest technology. We recently discussed the latest recording and streaming technology with the school and this prompted a new project to turn the teacher preparation room into a multi-functional space. This fully flexible space can now be used for presentations, student learning, and even video conferencing.

One fixed camera records the front of the room. Whilst a second PTZ(Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera can be used to capture the audience in part of all of the room.

Coupled with ceiling microphones to capture general conversation, wireless lapel microphones for presenters and further wireless Revo Lab microphones, the school can capture any discussion or audio from the room from ground level up.

The PTZ camera also has a USB cabled directly to a PC so the teachers can also use the room for video conferencing.

View on screen of the conference room

View on screen of the conference room

Screen showing PTZ Camera above

Screen showing PTZ Camera above

Whatever is loaded onto the computer will tap into camera and microphones – so it makes the system very flexible.

Our experience with this technology and willingness to keep customers information of the latest developments, were key reasons why the school chose us to complete this project.

We were also able to get our supplier to bring equipment to the designated room, and do final planning before the school had to commit to the project.

This ensured we got exactly the right equipment in the right configuration to suit all the various uses of the room that the school had in mind.

This room continues a tradition of excellence and incorporating technology to deliver a flexible learning environment for the school’s students.

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