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Boardroom Installations

Powercor meeting and collaboration rooms

Powercor own and manage the poles and wires that deliver electricity to more than a million homes and businesses in Victoria.

The meeting rooms at the Powercor office received some nice new upgrades to make meetings and presentations go even smoother.

The boardroom, meeting rooms, and the collaboration space were upgraded with the latest projectors, improved controls, and easy access panels inside the tables themselves.

The Boardroom

The boardroom had to look good. This is the room people take prospects to wow them. The projector and speakers are subtle, but do the job with punch and consistency.

The inputs are hidden behind an access panel in the centre of the board table itself. The panel sits flush with the table when not in use and can still close when cables are in use.

People can plug their laptops into the projector from the table and operate the projector without needing to stand, making for a more natural presentation.

The power and whiteboard controls are simple and placed next to the whiteboard itself. Anyone would be able to use this simple 3 button design.

Even a complete novice could present in the boardroom without the awkward setup that can often precede meetings.

The collaboration room

When people need to knuckle down and work on a project, the more time they can spend on it the better. Ease of use was a focus in the collaboration room, as people want to spend time working on the project, not preparation to work on the project.

You can see two access panels for inputs at the bottom of the image. The Epson EB-1460ui can display up to 4 screens at the same time, with even more on standby to be swapped out on the display at any time.

This fluid usability means the collaboration space makes it easier for people to get through large volumes of data, to bring information together, and to find out where everyone’s up to on a project.

The headache of getting a projector working is removed, and the simple controls in the room help facilitate working and sharing information. It can often end up a hair-pulling situation when you’re spending time trying to figure out how to use a feature on a projector instead of getting your work done.

The meeting rooms

The meeting rooms were updated for simplicity and to reflect the current working world. The access panels in the tables are full of power points with ethernet inputs to keep everyone connected.

The line up of power points and inputs means everyone can be charged, connected, and plugged in during any meeting that takes place.


DIB worked made sure Powercor’s install resulted in a streamlined and easy to use design..

We can work with your team to do a custom install in your own workspace. Our team will assess the needs of your space and design a solution specific to your organisation.

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