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Boardroom Installations

PowerCor Bendigo receives an Interactive Conference Room

Being one of Australia’s largest power distribution agencies, PowerCor values and “embrace[s] new technology”. PowerCor distribution networks are the most reliable in Victoria and provide power to over one million homes and businesses throughout the state. DIB’s passion for quality installations in conjunction with PowerCor’s openness to new ideas make for a great team as both companies want seamless installations and flawless usability.

HD Projection on low gloss whiteboard

The EPSON EB-1460Ui Meeting Mate interactive projector with finger touch capabilities was the most viable solution for the space as its Ultra Short nature makes it very easy for the user to utilise the interactivity feature without casting a large shadow on the image. This was paired with a HDMI, and VGA input plate allowing for a range of users to be able to plug in their device without having to use a dongle. In terms of usability if the user doesn’t want to connect via leads or would like to display something from a smart device, DIB installed a Barco Clickshare system which allows for one button wireless connection from laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The HDMI, VGA, USB and audio input plate

To utilise the full potential of the EPSON EB-1460Ui a USB input plate was installed to allow for the pen and finger touch capabilities of the projector. An audio input was incorporated into the VGA plate so anyone can plug in and play music through the installed 2 x 30W KRAMER stereo system without having to turn the projector on. The entire system is controlled by the EPSON Meeting Mate Control Pad which is used to turn the projector on and off, choose from sources such as HDMI and VGA, and activate ‘whiteboard mode’ which lets the user have full function of a whiteboard on any surface. A low gloss enamel whiteboard was also installed to prevent glare and give a smooth writing surface.

EPSON Meeting Mate control panel and interactive pens

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