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Aitken College – Meeting Rooms AV Installations

Aitken College is a co-educational, independent Uniting Church school from Prep to Year 12 in the northern suburb of Greenvale.

When Aitken College required a new upgrade of three meeting rooms, they called the team at DIB to assist them with the AV system installation. DIB Solutions Consultant, Gabi, worked closely with staff to determine what would be the best AV solution for each space. The areas included an Administration Meeting Room, IT Staff Room and an additional Meeting Room.

Aitken College - Epson Meetingmate EB-1430Wi projector - Admin Meeting Room

Administration Meeting Room with Epson EB-1430Wi projector

Aitken College - Epson MeetingMate Control pad - Admin Meeting Room

MeetingMate Control Panel with USB save function

The latest generation Epson MeetingMate EB-1430Wi projectors series were chosen for their versatility and functionality for meetings, as well as the simple-to-use MeetingMate Control Panel, with easy-USB-save function. Paired with this high end projector was the Epson 15W speakers to provide the audio for the AV installation.

Aitken College - Epson Meetingmate EB-1430Wi projector - Meeting Room

Meeting Room AV Install (Epson EB-1430Wi)

Aitken College - HDMI and VGA inputs - Meeting Room

HDMI & VGA inputs

Both HDMI & VGA inputs for devices were included to provide connection for all types of laptops or portable devices.

By providing high-quality AV installations across all three rooms, Aitken College is prepared to take meetings and group discussions to the next level.

For download a PDF & get more information about the Epson Whiteboard Sharing feature in the Epson MeetingMate series of projectors, CLICK HERE


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