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EPSON interactive projectors EB-585Wi

Beverley Hills Primary Equipped with Epson Interactive Projectors

Beverley Hills Primary School is a small school within the Doncaster East community. Beverley Hills PS takes advantage of its small size to provide a personalised and targeted education for each of its students, ensuring that no one is lost in the system. This focus on individual development results in students that are caring, respectful, and realised members of their local community.

Like any school, Beverley Hills seeks to provide the best facilities possible for its students. With this in mind, they came to the team at DIB Australia for the installation of two new interactive projectors. The model chosen was the EPSON EB-585Wi ultra short throw interactive projector. Prefect for the classroom, the 585Wi creates a brilliant and bright image with high contrast, ensuring a great viewing experience. The interactive projector’s ultra short throw means that it is unobtrusive and shadows won’t be cast over the display while it is in use.

EPSON interactive projectors EB-585Wi

The EPSON EB-585Wi interactive projector

EPSON interactive projectors are designed with the classroom in mind. They do wonders for student engagement, working to raise participation levels and increase student achievement. With special pens, users can manipulate and interact with electronic resources in front of the whole class. The EB-585Wi also features dual pen interactivity, facilitating two users at once. With this feature, teachers and students can annotate materials simultaneously, bringing a new dimension of interactivity to the classroom. Furthermore, the consensus among kids is that interactive projectors simply make learning more fun.

The EPSON interactive projectors don’t require any drivers and even feature self-calibration. With these capabilities, teachers and students alike can jump straight into lessons or presentations without needing to spend excessive time setting up the device.

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