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ScreenTechnics 200" 16:10 HC GREY Side Tension Range Motorised Screen at MLMC

ScreenTechnics 200" 16:10 HC GREY Side Tension Range Motorised Screen

AV Upgrade for Mount Lilydale Mercy College’s Doyle Centre

Inspired by the Mercy tradition of Catherine McAuley, Mount Lilydale Mercy College (MLMC) aims to imbue a sense of compassion, hope and hospitality within its students. Providing an education founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the school fosters a supportive environment where students are encouraged to develop “a love of God, of life, of others and of learning.” The curriculum offers a dynamic, challenging and diverse range of learning experiences that encourages a high level of motivation, independence, perseverance, initiative and creativity. Fostering a culture of excellence, MLMC helps students reach their potential, preparing students for the ever-changing world beyond the schooling system.

The school approached the team at DIB with a new project: an AV upgrade for their Doyle Centre. This involved installing a new dual projection system with an upgraded audio system.

Installation process

For this project, two EPSON EB-L1505UNL WUXGA 12,000 ANSI LASER Projector were installed. Using the latest technology in laser light source, this projector can last for more than 20,000 hours without needing to be maintained. To go along with the projectors, a ScreenTechnics 143120FV projector lifter was installed. The projector lift is the perfect way to conceal projectors when they are not in use, running flush with the centre’s ceiling beams. DIB also coupled the projectors with two EPSON ELPLM09 Middle Zoom Lens to improve the functionality of the projectors. These lenses allow the projector to maintain a large image even if the projector is far away from the screen. Additionally, two ScreenTechnics 200″ 16:10 High Contrast GREY Side Tension Range Motorised Screens were also installed.

ScreenTechnics 200" 16:10 HC GREY Side Tension Range Motorised Screen at MLMC

ScreenTechnics 200″ 16:10 HC GREY Side Tension Range Motorised Screen

Three wall plates were installed. The first wall plate, located near the front of the gym, has HDMI connectivity with integrated VGA and audio. The second wall plate features a HDMI input plate in a new Bio Box. This enables connection to the projection system from a laptop within the control room. The third plate allows for the use of a laptop at the rear of the gym. Here, a new Kramer WP-20 HDBasetT VGA + Audio & HDMI auto switch, transmitter and matching receiver was installed, allowing for the easy audio control. Also installed was an all-steel floorbox enclosure, which prevents damage to wall plates.

Bio box at MLMC

Bio box

Two Extron TLP Pro Touch Control Panels were installed by DIB at the front of the gym and in the Bio Box. The latter unit was programmed with camera/audio functions, becoming the ‘master’ controller. Condensing the operation of the system in one place, the control panels are simple to use. Using the different functions of the system can be done with a touch of the screen.

Extron TLP Pro Touch Control Panel at MLMC

Extron TLP Pro Touch Control Panel

DIB also installed a pair of Community ENT220 line array speakers onto the front wall of the gym. While they are not a replacement to the existing ceiling mounted speakers, they are designed to provide a bit more coverage in the first few metres of the space, behind the existing speakers.

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