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Boardroom Installations

MX800 wall-mounted screen at CGS

MX800 wall-mounted screen

AV installations across Caulfield Grammar campuses

With a campus in Caulfield, Malvern and Wheelers Hill, Caulfield Grammar School aims to provide students with an education that will better prepare them for the world ahead. With a dedication to using the best in educational technology when teaching students, CGS puts student learning at the foreground. By actively updating AV systems and utilising the latest and top-quality technological equipment, the school equips students with the best resources to supplement and further their learning.

DIB’s extensive working history with CGS meant that when it came to rolling out various AV installations across three campuses, DIB was the right company for the job. The project focuses on providing and (re)installing equipment for the boardrooms in each respective campus.

Installation process

All three of the campuses saw the installation of an Extron control system. This system functions as the primary wall mounted control system, which operates CGS’ Cisco VC systems, the operation of related AV equipment and input selection. DIB developed a custom GUI interface to prioritize simplicity when using these systems.

Extron control system at CGS

Extron control system

For the Malvern boardroom, DIB re-installed and set up an existing monitor to suit new equipment. A HDMI input, which incorporates the existing Apple TV console, was also installed to allow users to connect their external devices to the screen. For better functionality of the HDMI input, a control switcher was installed to facilitate signal connection from either the Apple TV or the HDMI input when using the display system or video conference system.

For the Wheelers Hill and the Caulfield boardrooms, most of the work done involved the installation of an Cisco MX800 with a wall-mounted screen, an Apple TV and three Cisco table microphones. These pieces of equipment are central to the use of the Cisco VC systems.

MX800 wall-mounted screen at CGS

MX800 wall-mounted screen

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