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housing choices australia boardroom

Audio Visual Installation for Housing Choices Australia’s New Offices

Housing Choices Australia is a not-for-profit provider of safe, quality, and affordable houses for those who are disadvantages and struggling to find a home. They are a leader in their field with an impressive 3,268 properties and 3,461 tenancies across Victoria and Tasmania. The team at DIB Australia are truly appreciative of Housing Choices’ work in the community and were honoured to work with them to deliver these audio visual solutions.

Housing Choices Australia came to DIB for the installation of two projector systems at their new offices. One was installed in their training room, the other in their boardroom. Projectors are a must for any business to have in both of these types of spaces. In the training room, a projector lets teachers incorporate media into their lessons. Videos, diagrams, and websites can all greatly enhance learning. Projectors provide a similar benefit in the meeting room. With business being conducted electronically and online, it is practically a necessity for any boardroom or meeting room to be technologically-enabled. Projectors let staff easily share their projects and collaborate with one another. A projector or similar display needs to be in place to accommodate the digital age.

housing choices aus boardroom

The Housing Choices Australia Boardroom

For the boardroom, an Epson EB-1970W projector was installed from the ceiling. This offering from Epson strikes a tempting balance between affordability and functionality. Designed especially for the meeting space, the EB-1970W projects in crisp clear resolution, with colours that are three times brighter than leading competitive products for a vibrant, highly detailed picture. The projector features wireless projection capabilities through the Epson iProjection app. This way, staff with an smartphone or tablet can display content from their device hassle-free without having to plug in a cable.

The ceiling-mounted EPSON EB-1975W

The ceiling-mounted EPSON EB-1975W

Four speakers were installed in the ceiling of the space, blending with the room for an aesthetically-pleasing result. Together with an amplifier, these provide high quality audio output to complete the audio visual solution.

EPSON EB-955W Housing Choices Australias training room

EPSON EB-955W for Housing Choices Australia’s training room

For the training room, an EPSON EB-955W projector was installed. This projector is more suited to classrooms and other smaller venues than the model installed in the boardroom. While it comes at a lower price, the EB-955W still packs a punch with the amazing image quality and inspiring reliability we can expect from EPSON.

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