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Classroom Installations

Audiovisual renovations for three Box Hill High classrooms

Since its establishment in 1930, Box Hill High School has a long history of academic excellence and their consistent, strong commitment to fostering a vibrant and nurturing learning community for its students. Box Hill High places the emotional and social development of their students at the foreground, which is equally as important as achieving excellent results. Students are supported throughout their academic journey by passionate, creative and dedicated staff, who inspire, engage and motivate students in and out of the classroom. Box Hill High hopes to shape students into not only independent, critical thinkers who become active contributors in society.

DIB worked with Box Hill High in upgrading the projector systems inside three of their classrooms, creating a more effective learning environment.

Epson EB-685W projector at Box Hill High
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Installation process

Before any new installations were done, DIB allowed for the removal of old equipment (such as projectors and speakers) as Box Hill High is a valued client of DIB.

An Epson EB-685W projector was wall-mounted in all three classrooms. With 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness output, this projector can produce bright, vivid images that ensure readability regardless of the lighting conditions in the space. This is furthered by the ultra short throw nature of the projector, which reduces any shadows or glare that could interfere with the projector’s clarity.

For one classroom, DIB installed an Epson 30W speaker system as a means of audio support. With two 15W speakers, audio is easily carried throughout the entire space. For the other two classrooms, DIB integrated the new system with an existing audio system.

An existing Joey 6 control panel or Extron MLC62 panel was re-programmed to suit the changes made to the new system. These panels are crucial for any AV system, as they make it easier to control and operate the equipment.

For connectivity, the new system allows for wireless connection (thanks to the projector’s advanced networking capability) and a wide range of broad connectivity options, such as HDMI and USB inputs. DIB also fitted an additional HDMI input plate near the projector for easy access.

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