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65" Philips commercial lite monitor at MacKillop College

65" Philips commercial lite monitor at MacKillop College

Audiovisual renovations for MacKillop College food tech rooms

Established in 1970, MacKillop Catholic Regional College offers a broad, comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum that constantly challenges and enriches their students. MacKillop College strives to meet the individual needs of their students, supporting them through not only their schooling journey, but their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological growth. MacKillop College is also dedicated in creating a connected, robust ICT environment, recognising the significance of ICT in supporting contemporary educational settings.

MacKillop College worked with DIB in transforming the audiovisual landscape inside three of their food technology rooms. This project aimed to improve the learning experience within the three spaces.

65" Philips commercial lite monitor at MacKillop College
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Installation process

Two of the rooms saw the installation of the same system, which comprises of a 65″ Philips commercial lite monitor. This versatile and neatly designed monitor can be used for a variety of different uses to suit the room, augmented by the monitor’s full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. Users can use the two HDMI/VGA inputs to display content from their devices. The monitor was wall-mounted on a high-quality wall bracket, which features a 15 degree tilt for the optimal viewing angle.

For audio reinforcement, a Kramer 2 x 30 watt stereo system was installed. These speakers can easily fill the whole room with sound, ensuring that everyone in the classroom can hear audio that may be playing from the monitor.

A DiscoveryLab Dual HD camera system was also installed in the room. This camera system gives eyes over the work area, with one camera over the preparation bench and the other over the stove top. Users can view the live camera feed from one camera at a time through the Philips monitor.

A Joey Micro 9 control panel was fitted to improve the user experience of the new system. The panel takes the important functions of the system and places them in an easy-to-access area. The panel comes with buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume, and select which camera to be displayed.

The third room was revamped with a projector system, featuring an EPSON EB-685Wi Interactive Projector. Users can use their fingers or special pens to interact with the projector display. This interactive functionality can be used by teachers to spice up a lesson and improve student engagement. To support the projector’s in-built speakers, an EPSON 30 watt speaker system was installed.

Similar to the Joey Micro 9 panel, the room was fitted with a Joey Micro 6 panel, which features similar buttons that simplify the use of the room’s technology.

Both rooms were also fitted with a HDMI input plate for expanded connectivity options. Additionally, the projector room was fitted with a USB input plate made for interactive display, allowing users to save notes made on the projector directly to a USB stick.

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