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New audio system for Plenty Parklands

New audio system for Plenty Parklands

Audio upgrades for a Plenty Parklands Primary Hall

Plenty Parklands Primary School strives to provide high quality, primary school education to children. By fostering a friendly and supportive environment, students are given the foundations necessary to excel in their secondary education and thrive in the rapidly changing and dynamic world outside of the classroom. Plenty Parklands Primary hopes to mould students into lifelong learners who are determined to achieve new highs in all of their endeavours.

Plenty Parklands Primary engaged the team at DIB with the intention of renovating the audio system in one of their halls. This primarily involved the installation of a new mixer / amplifier system and speakers.

Installation process

Before the commencement of any installation works, the company allowed for the removal of old equipment in the hall, such as old amplifier systems and cabinet, as Plenty Parklands is a valued client of DIB.

An Australian Monitor AMIS250 Mixer Amplifier was installed. This 250 watt core amplifier system features six mixer input, which allows users to control the volumes of independent audio sources. The mixer/amplifier will not only power existing (and new) speakers, easily integrate all the
various audio sources into one, central device.

A Dual Mipro ACT 300 series wireless microphone system was also installed in the hall. The system, which features a dual channel receiver with 961 selectable frequencies, a handheld ACT32HC-5 microphone transmitter and a Lapel MU53L microphone, is perfect for doing speeches and presentations in large halls. DIB also fitted a microphone socket, which can be used to connect a microphone (for this purpose, Mipro MM107 Handheld Microphone was supplied) for use with the newly installed sound system. Additionally, a Denon 300C CD/Media player was installed alongside the other devices. With a USB input and aux inputs, users can play music through a variety of avenues.

All of these devices were placed in AV wall rack. This wall rack has space for 12RU of equipment, and is complete with a lockable Perspex door and ventilation.

AV rack with an AM AMIS250 Mixer Amplifier, Dual Mipro wireless microphone system and Denon 300C CD/Media player with Plenty Parklands

AV rack with an AM AMIS250 Mixer Amplifier, Dual Mipro wireless microphone system and Denon 300C CD/Media player

Microphone socket at Plenty Parklands

Microphone socket

DS8 Community Surface Mount Loudspeakers were installed to provide better audio reinforcement in the hall. These speakers ensure dynamic sound quality and excellent intelligibility, whilst being low profile and aesthetically pleasing.

DS8 Community Surface Mount Loudspeakers at Plenty Parklands

DS8 Community Surface Mount Loudspeakers

A 3.5mm audio socket was fitted to allow for direction connection of an audio device (such as an iPod or MP3 player) to the new audio system.

3.5mm audio socket at Plenty Parklands

3.5mm audio socket

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