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Boardroom Installations

EPSON EB-685W 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector

EPSON EB-685W 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector

Araluen boardroom reinvigorated by new AV equipment

Araluen is a support service that provides a wide range of aid to people with intellectual disabilities. These services facilitate, support, encourage and enable people to fulfill their goals and reach their full potential, building their skills and boosting their self-confidence. Araluen continues to inspire, empower and support people across Melbourne’s north-east suburbs thanks to the administrative team, who coordinate the service’s efforts and keep the service operating. As such, they need to best technology possible to help them achieve these goals.

The team at DIB worked with Araluen to revamp the AV equipment in one of their boardrooms. This involved upgrading their projector system.

Installation process

For this project, an EPSON EB-685W 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector was installed. With 3500 ANSI Lumens of output, the projector is capable of displaying ultra bright, vibrant images. This makes presentations displayed on screen very captivating and engaging, which is perfect for a boardroom. Further, the projector is an ultra short throw one, meaning that there will be less shadows and glare to obscure the crystal clear displays.

A high quality ultra short throw wall bracket was installed to suit the projector. This bracket conceals any cabling within itself, giving the installation a neat, clean finish. The universal nature of the bracket means that changing over projectors in the future will be quick and easy, saving time and effort down the road.

EPSON EB-685W 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector at Araluen

EPSON EB-685W 3500 ANSI WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector

A pair of Kramer stereo speakers were also installed by DIB. These speakers are capable of filling the entire boardroom with sound, meaning that any audio coming from the presentation will be heard by everyone in the room. Additionally, the speakers are on auto power standby when not in use, saving power.

A Joey 6 Micro wall control panel was installed along with the projector. These wall panels simplify the operation of the projector system by placing all of the projector’s functionality in one place. These panels are usually set up to have buttons that turn the system on and off, raise the volume and choose the source to project.

The projector has a variety of ways through which users can connect their external devices. The wireless connectivity of the projector means that users can monitor, control and present from a remote locations should they choose to do so. The projector also has HDMI and USB inputs for more local connectivity.

HDMI input plate at Araluen

HDMI input plate

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