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Apple TV Audio Visual Install for Mount St. Joseph Girls’ College

Mt St Josephs Girls College is a Catholic school based in Altona. The school boasts a sophisticated curriculum and places a strong emphasis on individual development. The school is a valued past-client of DIB Australia, and the team were excited to work with them again for the installation of displays in two rooms.

For the first room, DIB relocated an existing 55″ LED panel and integrated it into the new system. It was accompanied by a JED panel that was supplied by the school. It is not unusual for schools to have DIB reuse existing control panels. This saves money and ensures that staff can easily using the system through a control panel that they are comfortable with. For the other classroom, a new Phillips 55″ LED display was installed. This panel produces a stunning Full HD 1080p image with full colours and great brightness.

phillips 55" apple tv audio visual install

The new Phillips 55″ display and control panel

The new display was accompanied by a JED T460 four button LCD wall control panel. Like all control panels favoured by DIB, the T460 features clearly labelled, essential buttons to control the system. This allows anyone to easily configure the audio visual system to their needs. The LCD display meas that it is always clear which function is being performed and which state the system is in. DIB have used this control panel in previous installations at Mount St. Joseph with great success, so there was no doubt that this model should be installed in the new system.

JED T460 LCD control panel

JED T460 LCD control panel

An Apple TV box was installed in the classroom. These are great additions to many school audio visual solutions, especially for schools where iPads are used in the classroom. Apple TV turns any display into a smart-device. It lets teachers and students mirror content wirelessly onto the screen, in this case the Philips 55″ LED. This provides a quick and simple way to share content in the classroom without the hassle of cables or driver installations. Local HDMI and VGA inputs were also provided so that non-Apple devices could also be connected to the display.

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