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Amazing AV for PLC’s Betty Caldwell Hall

Presbyterian Ladies College located in Burwood caters to a wide range of students from early learning, junior and senior schools. Presbyterian Ladies College is a Christian Independent school for girls which began in 1875. Since this time the school has been committed to “develop in our students a love of learning that will enrich their whole lives and prepare them to be active citizens of the future”. In a rapidly changing world, the school aims to equip the students with the skills to critically think, question, learn and adapt. A key part of this mission is to teach the young women using the latest in educational technology. To do so, Presbyterian Ladies College is committed to keeping up to date in all their classrooms and communal areas.

The College engaged the team at DIB as they required a technology solution for their new Betty Caldwell Hall. The hall required a projector and speaker system so that large scale presentations could be given.

Installation process

For the Betty Caldwell Hall, the EPSON EB-2250U WUXGA Projector 5000 ANSI Projector was installed. This projector was selected as it has an Automatic Screen Fit function which adjusts focus, horizontal and vertical keystone and zoom at the touch of a button. This is ideal for a hall as all the staff or students have to do is turn it on and it is guaranteed that the image will be centered and clear. Additionally, the projector has 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution to produce beautiful images.

EPSON EB-2250U WUXGA Projector 5000 ANSI Projector.

A Grandview Motorised SmartScreen 110″ 16:10 Projection Screen was installed so that the screen retracts when not in use. This is a helpful feature and allows the space to be flexible when the projector is not in use.

A HDMI, VGA and Audio input wall plate were also installed so that any device can connect to the projector. A JED (T430) Two button wall control panel was also installed to easily operate the entire system.

HDMI, VGA and Audio input wall plate and JED T430 control panel.

The audio in the hall was also updated. DIB installed SIX AM ceiling 8″ dual cone speakers. These provide clear audio for the whole room. This system also included an AMD Class D – DSP amplifier system 100w Mono for high-tech amplification. This system is aided by the installation of a Small AV Wall Rack Installed which helps control the AV system.

Small AV Wall Rack.

Lastly, a Lectrum quality L20S Lectern with Logo for Dress panel was installed. This lectern boasts features like a purpose built Lectrum fold out laptop shelf and a Beyerdynamic condenser gooseneck microphone. This lectern suits the needs of the presenter so they are able to effortlessly present to the college.

Lectrum quality L20S Lectern with Logo for Dress panel.

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