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Classroom Installations

Wall-mounted interactive projector system at Heatherwood School

Wall-mounted interactive projector system

Adding interactivity to Heatherwood School classrooms

Heatherwood School provides a high quality education for secondary aged students with a mild intellectual disability. Heatherwood School aims to make sure that all their students reach their full potential, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and know-how to help them grow into independent, confident and capable people who are able to make their own way in the world. Staff and students alike are given access to a wide range of facilities to supplement their learning and teaching, many of which are fitted with the latest in educational technology. 

As such, DIB Audio Visual worked with Heatherwood School to install new projectors inside 13 classrooms.

Installation process

11 of classrooms were fitted with wall-mounted EPSON EB-696Ui projectors. This interactive projection is perfect for classrooms as they can promote engagement with the content, with multiple students being able to interact with the projector using their fingers or with the projector’s pens. The projector’s full HD resolution and ultra bright images (thanks to the projector’s 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness output) not only make projected subject content easy to read, but also support the interactive nature of the projector with its high brightness. 

The full system at Heatherwood School

The full system

Two of the other learning spaces were fitted with ceiling-mounted Epson EB-990U projectors and motorised Grandview smartscreens. With 3,800 ANSI lumens of brightness and HD resolution, these projectors are able to generate crisp, clear and bright images. This makes sure that students can see the content in any lighting condition.

Ceiling-mo at Heatherwood School

Ceiling-mounted projector system

Motorised Grandview smartscreen

Motorised Grandview smartscreen

These two spaces were also fitted with a Joey Micro 6 control panel. These control panels make it simple and easy for anyone to operate the AV system as they allocate easy-to-access, user-friendly buttons to the most important features of the system, such as powering the system, controlling the volume, and selecting the source to be displayed. 

Joey Micro 6 panel and HDMI input

Joey Micro 6 panel and HDMI input

A new Kramer speaker system was installed in all of the spaces, featuring two powerful speakers that are great at filling the entire space with audio. Additionally, DIB fitted a 3.5mm audio socket that allows students or staff to connect their audio devices, like an iPhone, and play audio directly to the speaker system.

For an easier way of displaying content onto the projector, DIB fitted additional input plates to allow staff and students to connect their devices straight to the system. For the rooms with the ceiling-mounted projectors, a HDMI input plate was fitted. For the rooms with interactive projectors, HDMI and USB inputs were provided so that the interactive features of the projector can be used (like plugging in a USB and saving files).

Input plate with various inputs

Input plate with various inputs

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