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Sound waves

Sound waves

A short story about design in audiovisual systems

Design plays a bit part in audiovisual systems, yet most of the work that goes into it is invisible.

In this short article, we’d like to share with you just some of the hidden design elements of a professional audiovisual system.

The first thing we should say is if the design has been done well, you won’t necessarily notice it.

Poor design is obvious. You get complaints about presentation attendees not being able to hear the sound, or in certain parts of your event space, the screen is difficult to see. Or there is an
irritating echoing of sound in your gymnasium.

Let’s look at the key design elements you won’t see.

Cabling and connections – you won’t see this hidden but necessary part of your audiovisual system and yet the type of cable, distance from controls to speakers, location of outlets and a range of other elements will be considered in cabling and connections

Sound – understanding the space and uses of the space is very important with sound. Hard spaces, lots of glass, the shape of the room, where presenters and participants will be are all considered by our design teams even before we get to specifications. We’ll choose speakers and other components based on a detailed review and measurement of your site.

Sound waves

Sound waves

Vision – we are sure it wouldn’t be too hard for you to recall trying to seeing an image on a projected presentation in a well lit room. Or having to crane your neck to see the screen at all. In these situations you were experiencing poor design. By contrast, we look at all the angles, the size of the room, the light situation and much more in selecting the right equipment for your installation.

Hampton Park Gymnasium

Hampton Park Secondary College Gymnasium

User – user interface design is essential. You want easy to use controls, easy set up of presentations – no matter who is using the system. At DIB Audiovisual, user design is central to our audiovisual systems

Logitech Tap Controls

Logitech Tap Controls

Security/control – security and control are important, and once again we’ll review placement of user controls and where equipment needs to be protected from damage or theft.

Next time you’re looking at an audiovisual system, call DIB Audiovisual to get not only high quality components, but the best design possible from all angles to ensure your investment results in a high quality experience and aesthetic installation.

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