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DiscoveryLab Control Hub for OLMC

DiscoveryLab Control Hub for OLMC

A complete DiscoveryLab for OLMC

Established in 1910, Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC) is a Catholic Secondary Girls’ College located in Heidelberg. With an ethos inspired by Jesus Christ and his teachings, OLMC hopes to motivate and empower their students so that they pursue excellence in every aspect of their education. In doing so, OLMC nurtures their girls, supporting them as they grow into women who are compassionate, courageous and ready for the world beyond the classroom.

OLMC engaged the team at DIB with the intent of installing a new DiscoveryLab for their library classroom, offering a more expansive system. For more information on the DiscoveryLab, check out this Complete Guide of the DiscoveryLab system by DIB.

Installation process

The library classroom saw the installation of a DiscoveryLab system. The DiscoveryLab is a complete, lesson capture system, which can be very beneficial for both students and teachers. The DiscoveryLab comprises of a recorder, a control processor hub and a monitor. The control hub, installed in an AV rack, not only allows users to start/stop the lesson recording, but gives a range of recording layouts. The hub also facilitates the connection of two HD sources to be recorded. The system also allows for live streaming, alongside recording. Students benefit greatly from recorded lessons, as it can be used as  a means of revision, or allow for a flipped classroom style of learning.

The DiscoveryLab also allows for the teacher to be recorded, and appear alongside the recorded lesson content. For this, DIB installed a DiscoveryLab dual HD camera system, which was set up and installed at the front and rear of the classroom. Discrete, dual in-ceiling boundary microphones were also installed so that participants’ voices can be recorded and heard. An additional wireless lapel microphone was also installed, which can be warn by teachers or presenters, eliminating any issues with ambient noise that may occur in some classrooms.

An Extron MediaPort 200 was installed, which is a HDMI and Audio to USD scaling bridge, for the integration of AV sources to conferencing applications, perfect for a BYOD classroom.

A DiscoveryLab USB input plate was installed, which allows users to save DiscoveryLab recordings on a USB stick. Along with this, a different USB wall input plate was installed, allowing for the connection of a laptop.

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