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The full system at Brighton Grammar

The full system at Brighton Grammar

A Brighton Grammar cardio space fitted with new AV tech

Brighton Grammar School strives to cultivate a learning environment where boys not only feel like they belong, but a space where they feel safe, respected and supported in their journey to being the best version of themselves. Brighton Grammar prides itself on being a school known for producing unquestionable excellence in boys’ education, aiding students in every facet of their development, be it academically or personally.

DIB worked closely with Brighton Grammar during the redevelopment of Brighton Grammar’s Annandale Pavilion, liaising with architects, consultants and builders as needed to assist with the coordination of AV services for the building. This extensive project involves installations in a wide range of spaces, but this article will cover the installations done inside the Pavilion’s cardio space.

The full system at Brighton Grammar
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Installation process

DIB installed a client supplied monitor inside the cardio space, wall-mounting it using a Peerless  TrueVue LCD wall bracket. This wall mount features a 15 degree tilt, which can be used to find the optimal viewing angle.

A Vivi system was also installed inside the room. The Vivi’s innovative screen mirroring technology can be used to make a more free flowing, fluid learning environment where both teachers and students can display content from anywhere in the room. This means that teachers can move around the classroom while conducting a presentation. The Vivi allows users to stream videos from websites such as YouTube, whilst allowing them to work on something else at the same time.

The new audio system comprises of four, high-quality AM ceiling speakers. These premium speakers are versatile and can suit the needs of a variety of environments, from general PA to music use. As the speakers were linked to the monitor, the speakers also act as quality audio reinforcement for the room. The speakers work in tandem with a  AMD200 core amplifier system, which features a Class D amplifier and onboard DSP control for optimum room setup.

Two 3.5mm audio input plate was fitted inside the cardio space, for student access, and inside an adjacent office space. This input plate can be used to connect an iPod/MP3 device and play audio directly to the speakers.

To make the audio system easy to use, DIB installed an AM ICON audio control panel. Coupled with the amplifier, this control panel isolates the audio levels that users will need to adjust on a day to day basis, rather than any master audio settings.

In a similar fashion, a JED (T460) wall control panel was installed for a simpler way of using the new AV system. The panel takes the most important functions of the system and places them in an easy-to-access central place. The JED (T460) panel usually features buttons that power the system, select the source to be displayed and control the volume.

A HDMI input plate was fitted, allowing users to connect their devices locally should the need arise.

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