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Classroom Installations

EPSON EB-710Ui shines in classrooms for Mac.Robertson High School

The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School provides an educational experience that prepares students for an unknown future ahead, equipping them with the skills necessary to both makes the most of opportunities that arise and to enhance their personal lives. Mac.Robertson cultivates an intellectually vibrant learning community where the whole person is developed, fostering within each student confidence, responsibility and self-discipline. In order to meet the challenges of the future, Mac.Robertson recognises the importance of utilising the best in educational technology.

The DIB team was recruited in order to upgrade the audiovisual capabilities inside thirteen of their classrooms. This hoped to improve the learning experiences inside each of the classrooms.

Installation process

An Epson EB-710Ui interactive projector was installed in each classroom. With 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, images created by this versatile projector are ultra-bright and vibrant. This is essential to the interactive features of this projector, allowing students and staff to use their fingers or with the interactive pens to engage directly with the content presented on the screen. The high-brightness of the projector also ensures that regardless of the lighting conditions, projected content remains readable and clear. This is furthered by the projector’s ultra-short-throw nature, which helps to reduce shadows and glare that could affect projections.

As a means of audio reinforcement, DIB installed a Kramer powered speaker system. Comprising of two 30 watt speakers, this speaker system is able to fill an entire classroom with sound. This system can be used even when the projector is off through a 3.5mm audio input fitted by DIB. Users can connect their audio device and play audio directly to the speakers.

To make the system easier and simpler to use, a Joey Micro 6 control panel was installed inside each classroom. These panels are user-friendly and simply the operation of the system by taking the main functions of the system, such as turning the system on and off, controlling the volume, and selecting the source to be projected, and placing them in an easy-to-access location.

The DIB team also fitted additional input plates: a USB wall plate to suit the installed interactive display, which will allow the user to make the most of the projector’s interactive features; and an HDMI input plate, providing another way through which users can connect their devices to the projector system.

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