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Why is whiteboard flatness is so important with Ultra Short Throw projectors?

Cornish College - Science Room - Epson EB-595Wi with HDMI & VGA inputs at end of bench

Before putting in a new projector, it is important to firstly assess your existing whiteboard. The question is – Is it really flat? This can easily be checking by putting your head against the whiteboard and looking down the length of the board to see if there are any gentle waves or distortions you can see.

For traditional use of a whiteboard, these imperfections would be of little concern. But, as this FAQ section is about using a whiteboard with an Ultra Short Throw projector (which projects the image from an extreme down-angle), this can present significant issues on a slightly warped or wavy board. These slight defects or distortions in the board can cause a bend of the image. This is evident in the image not being square or symmetrical and sometimes having waves going through the image.

As DIB provide high-quality AV installations and service, this whiteboard flatness is of high importance when installing an Ultra Short Throw projector. As such, we recommend specific types of whiteboards that represent a high integrity for flatness. These types of whiteboards include surfaces that have an porcelain or ceramic (vitreous enamel) finish, which is stuck onto a plaster substrate (the backing behind the whiteboard surface is of a thick plaster material). This type of construction helps produce solid flat whiteboards.

This can be the difference between an economic AV install resulting in a less-than-desirable image and an excellent image, from a high-quality, long-lasting AV installation.

If you have any questions related to quality of whiteboards or need assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us