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What is the difference between an interactive whiteboard (IWB) and an interactive touchscreen?

Interactive Whiteboard IWB-EB-1430Wi-projector- DIB Audio Visual  NEW PHOTO - Hitachi 75 inch touchscreen - HILF75101- DIB Audio Visual (header)

So you may be thinking, what’s the difference? To get an overview, have a look through the table below. The main differences between the two technologies are the following…

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)
> Projector (source)
> Mounted
> Surface – Whiteboard
> Less expensive (per inch)
> Less bright
> Larger display size (almost 100 inch)
> Interactive touch capacity built in
> Set height

Interactive Touchscreen Panel
> Panel (source)
> Mounted or mobile (extra cost)
> Surface – Screen of panel
> More expensive (per inch)
> More bright
> Smaller display size (up to 85 inch panels)
> Sometimes requires optional touch overlay
> Height adjustable (on a trolley)

Both are interactive technology and provide a touch interface as your main display. Generally connection to the display is via HDMI or VGA, using a portable device, such as a laptop, tablet or a PC.

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