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What is an Interactive Whiteboard? (IWB)

What is an Interactive Whiteboard - DIB Audio Visual - Teacher student

An interactive whiteboard is a display that allows you to interact with the projected image, using content connected from a laptop, PC or portable device. This projection is normally onto a whiteboard surface, hence the name “interactive whiteboard”.

Once connected (via USB), the content from the device is then projected onto the whiteboard surface, where special pens or your finger can work as a mouse (like a big, touch-enabled desktop computer).

This unique technology allows you to manipulate the content on the whiteboard, including website navigation, interactive educational programs or editing displayed content. Many newer models feature wirelessly display capabilities, with the ability to display content from other devices for a truly collaborative classroom / workshop / meeting.

Companies that manufacture IWB products including Epson, Hitachi, NEC, Sony, Benq and many more. In a similar comparison to cars, all projectors are not created equal. Projectors are differently designed and this can contribute to many things including performance, sharpness and maintenance.
It is important to do your research about projectors and talk to an AV industry expert to determine differences if you are at all unsure.

As a reference point, many agree that Epson are a leader in the field of projector technology. Two excellent examples of are the Epson EB-595Wi and Epson EB-1430Wi interactive projectors.

For assistance with your IWB AV installation or enquiry about specific IWB technology, please call a DIB Solutions Consultant on 9457-4800 or contact us

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