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What is a XLR connector?

An XLR connector is a popular audio connector featuring 3-7 pins. The most common style is the 3 pin pattern, with two for sending signals and the third works as an overall system grounding (or earth). The primary application for XLR connections is to carry audio signals to interconnected powered speakers, commonly used in a PA system.

A key feature of the XLR connector is the locking mechanism that “clicks” the connector into place and helps reduce the risk of cables disconnecting. You can have either a Male and Female end to an XLR connector.

Male Female XLR connectors - DIB Audio Visual

Male & Female XLR connectors

XLR connection to AV Rack - DIB Audio VisualXLR connection & Microphone - DIB Audio Visual

Other variants of XLR connectors

4-Pin – Standard connector for Intercom Headsets

5-Pin – Commonly used in digital lighting control, namely DMX512. Also used with stereo microphones.

6-Pin – Dual-channel intercom systems and applications for stage lighting control.

7-Pin – Remote control of several models of fog machines, including Le Maitre & Ultratec. Also used to connect some value condenser mics to their power supply.