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What is a DisplayPort connector?

DisplayPort is a digital display interface. By using a Display Port connector (or cable) you can connect a video source to a display device, such as a TV or computer monitor.  DisplayPort can also be used to carry audio and USB data.

Display port cable - DIB Audio Visual

Display Port connector

Display Port Connector - DIB Audio Visual

Diagram of DisplayPort Connector

An important point to note is that while Display Port and HDMI connectors look similar, they are different and not interchangeable. DisplayPort connectors have 20 pins and are available in two sizes: DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort (the latter is the port of choice for Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet).

Whilst Display Port supports Full-HD resolution (1920×1080), it does not appear on as many devices as HDMI, hence the reason not as many people know about it.

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