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Troubleshooting Projector Issues

Sometimes a projector will seem to be not working, but this could be caused by something as simple as a loose plug. The following are some easy solutions to issues that we have seen with projectors:

Problem: The EPSON projector is displaying an orange screen.

Solution: This occurs in EPSON education projectors when the input isn’t connected properly. If this happens, simply ensure that the cable is properly plugged into both the wall plate and the laptop/computer. As soon as you connect this cable properly and choose the right source on the control panel this error page will dissapear.

VGA cable troubleshooting

A VGA cable securely plugged in to a wall panel

Problem: The projector keeps turning off.

Solution: First, check the projector’s filter for dust build-up. If the projector is still turning off, it is likely that the internal fan or ballast may be at fault. This can be a result of not servicing your projector regularly. If this is the case contact the DIB service staff as the projector needs to be repaired.

Problem: Colours are missing or not displaying properly on the screen.

Solution: This issue might happen when using a VGA input. It can be solved by making sure that the VGA cable is fitted firmly and completely in the wall plate and laptop. Otherwise, it might be that the pins in the VGA cable are damaged or out of place. This can be fixed by using a new or different VGA cable.

Remember to look after your projector and regularly service it so that it can run optimally.