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How to maintain the Epson PowerLite 1780W

The Epson PowerLite 1780w is a compact, portable projector that can be carried around with you and taken from meeting to meeting. It’s a tough little unit that can take the bumps and tumbles that come with being carried around in a bag.

Despite its rugged design, its still a projector you want to look after to make sure you get the most out of. The last thing you want is it over heating after being taken out of your bag or for the picture quality to drop.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to maintaining your Epson PowerLite 1780w:

How should I transport the projector?

Many parts of the projector are made out of delicate parts. Any harsh impact can cause misalignment inside the projector that can impede the display quality:

      • Keep the lens covered in transport with the lens protector.
      • Remove any equipment connected to the projector.
      • Use the case when transporting the projector, even by hand.
      • When transporting the projector a long distance or as checked luggage, place it in a carrying case. Then pack the case in a firm box with cushioning around it and mark the box “Fragile.”
      • When shipping the projector for repairs, place it in its original packing materials, if possible, or use equivalent materials with cushioning around the projector. Mark the box “Fragile.”

When and how should I clean or replace the air filter?

The projector will notify you when the filter needs cleaning. However, you should clean the filter whenever you notice a build up of dust inside the projector.

      1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
      2. Gently remove the dust using a small vacuum designed for computers or a very soft brush (such as a paintbrush).
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
        Note: You can remove the air filter so you can clean both sides of it. Do not rinse the air filter in water, or use any detergent or solvent to clean it.

        Do not use canned air. The gases may leave a flammable residue or push dust and debris into the projector’s optics or other sensitive areas.

      3. Replace the air filter when it becomes full of dust that can’t be removed or when it gets damaged.

Replacing the Air Filter

You need to replace the air filter in the following situations:

      • After cleaning the air filter, you still see a message saying the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.
      • The air filter is torn or damaged

You can replace the air filter while the projector is mounted to the ceiling, if necessary.

    1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
    2. Grasp the tab at the center of the air filter and pull it out of the projector.
      Epson PowerLite 1780W
      Note: Air filters contain polycarbonate, ABS resin, and polyurethane foam. Dispose of used air filters according to local regulations.
    3. Place the new air filter in the projector as shown and push gently until it clicks into place.
      Epson PowerLite 1780W

How should I clean the lens?

Clean the projector’s lens periodically to remove dust and smudges on the surface.

    • Gently wipe the lens with lens-cleaning paper.
    • To remove stubborn smudges, moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the lens. Do not spray any liquid directly on the lens.Warning: Do not use a lens cleaner that contains flammable gas. The high heat generated by the projector lamp may cause a fire.

      Caution: Do not use glass cleaner or any harsh materials to clean the lens. Do not subject the lens to any impacts; you may damage it. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue. Avoid touching the lens with your bare hands to prevent fingerprints on or damage to the lens surface.

How do I replace the lamp?

Before you replace the lamp, let the projector cool down for at least one hour so the lamp will not be hot.

Warning: Let the lamp fully cool before replacing it to avoid injury.

You can replace the lamp while the projector is mounted to the ceiling, if necessary.

      1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
      2. Allow the projector lamp to cool down for at least one hour.
      3. Use the screwdriver included with the replacement lamp to loosen the screw securing the lamp cover.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
        Warning: If the lamp is broken, glass fragments may be loose inside the lamp chamber. Be careful removing any broken glass to avoid injury.
      4. Slide the lamp cover out and lift it off.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
      5. Lift up the metal bar securing the lamp.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
      6. Lift up the lamp handle and gently pull the lamp out of the projector.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
        Caution: Lift the lamp handle carefully to avoid damaging the handle as you pull out the lamp.

        Note: The lamp contains mercury. Please consult your state and local regulations regarding disposal or recycling. Do not put in the trash.

      7. Gently insert the new lamp into the projector. If it does not fit easily, make sure it is facing the right way. Press down on the area shown to secure the lamp in place.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
        Do not touch any glass on the lamp assembly to avoid premature lamp failure.
      8. Press the metal bar down over the lamp until it clicks into place on both sides.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
      9. Replace the lamp cover and tighten the screw to secure it.
        Epson PowerLite 1780W
        Note: Be sure the lamp cover is securely installed or the lamp will not come on.

Reset the lamp timer to zero to keep track of the new lamp’s usage.

How do I reset the lamp timer?

You must reset the lamp timer after replacing the projector’s lamp. Resetting the timer clears the lamp replacement message and helps keep track of lamp usage correctly.

Note: Do not reset the lamp timer if you have not replaced the lamp to avoid inaccurate lamp usage information.

    • Turn on the projector.
    • Press the Menu button.
    • Select the Reset menu and press Enter.
      Epson PowerLite 1780W
    • Select Reset Lamp Hours and press Enter. You see a prompt asking if you want to reset the lamp hours.
    • Select Yes and press Enter.
    • Press Menu or Esc to exit the menus.

How should I clean the projector case?

Epson PowerLite 1780W

Before cleaning the projector case, turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.

    • To remove dust or dirt, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
    • To remove stubborn dirt, use a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. Do not spray liquid directly on the projector.Caution: Do not use wax, alcohol, benzine, paint thinner, or other chemicals to clean the projector case. These can damage the case. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue.