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How to choose a whiteboard size for classrooms?

How to choose a Whiteboard size - DIB Audio Visual

This FAQ is to help assist you in choosing the correct whiteboard size, when also using it as a projection surface. The following types of projectors are classic examples; Short Throw (typically 0.8 – 1.3m from the board) or Ultra Short Throw projector (typically from 0.8m – 0.6m from the board).

When considering this topic, it’s important to ask; what subject is being taught in the space? For example, a Mathematics teacher generally likes to have lots of room to write on the whiteboard (typically 2.4m – 3m in size), whereas other subjects may not require as much room for writing.

Commonly across schools, whiteboards are 1.2m high. This would allow you to project an 86 inch image, in a 16:10 format (widescreen).

With many Ultra-Short Throw projectors enabling images to reach close to 100 inches in size, a larger whiteboard would need to be considered for these projectors. For example a 96 inch image in 16:10 format, would require a minimum whiteboard height of 1.4m. This is to accommodate the finger touch module in the Interactive Projectors, such as the Epson Epson EB-595wi or EB-1430Wi. For best touch results for the laser curtain (inside the module), they should be mounted on the whiteboard itself. This will produce maximum touch connectivity and reduces tracking issues across the surface of the whiteboard.

Mounting of whiteboards is typically 900mm above the floor. This will give good access to the top sections of the projected image on the whiteboard and represents a good working height.

If you take theses factors into consideration, you will end up with a much better result for your classroom.

The examples given here should be used as a guide only.

For accurate height and width calculations for your whiteboard or assistance with your custom audio visual requirements, contact a DIB Audio Visual Solutions Consultant today. Phone (03) 9457-4800 or contact us