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How can I stop cables being damaged from the floor box?

Safer Floor Boxes for AV installs

There has been many issues caused by Floor Boxes that are installed as part of an AV system. The main issue is due to the metal lid closing on the metal surround, which effectively working as a guillotine, cuts or severs cables. This not only means replacing cable, but also creating a potential OH&S issue with “live cables”. Other issues are the lid closing on fingers which can cause injury to varying degrees.

The solution is a Protector Series of Floor Boxes from ECD, which have a cleverly designed CableshieldTM Cable Protection Insert. This prevents cables for getting damaged or the box itself becoming “electrified” because of contact with an exposed wire. This is due to the plastic material in the moulding. Also unique is the self-close lid, which stops the lid of the floor box closing rapidly on top of cables or fingers.

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