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How to clean and replace a projector air filter

Cleaning the Air Filter and Vents

Over time, your projector will gather dust in its air filter and need to be cleaned. Projectors have notifications telling you when an air filter needs to e cleaned, but you should make cleaning the air filter part of your regular process to maintain a projector.

Here are the steps to take when your projector says it’s time to clean the air filter, or of you want to clean the air filter yourself as part of ongoing maintenance.

Note: This guide is based on the Epson Brightlink 475wi, but can be used as a general guide on how to replace a projector air filter. If you have any complications replacing an air filter, contact the manufacturer or the installer.

  1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
  2. Gently remove the dust using a small vacuum designed for computers or a very soft brush (such as a paintbrush).

    Note: You can remove the air filter so you can clean both sides of it. Do not rinse the air filter in water, or use any detergent or solvent to clean it.
    Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue.
  3. If dust is difficult to remove or the air filter is damaged, replace the air filter.

Replacing the Air Filter

Air filters will only last so long before they need to be replaced. Even with regular cleaning, it is impossible to remove all the dust from an air filter, and dust will build up over time.

You should replace an air filter when it is damaged, or when the projector says you need to clean the air filter, even when you’e just cleaned it. You can replace the air filter while the projector is mounted on the wall or ceiling.

  1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
  2. Slide the air filter cover switch and open the air filter cover.
  3. Pull the air filter out of the projector.
    Note: Air filters contain polypropylene. Dispose of used air filters according to local regulations.
  4. Place the new air filter in the projector as shown.
  5. Close the air filter cover.

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