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Service and Maintenance

Fix Faulty control panel

  Simplicity is the key in the design and installation AV installations at DIB Australia. In many instances, a control panel is part of the AV system and creates an easy-to-use interface for the end user to control the system. This is all very good and well until it stops working. So what can you […]... Read More »

How to stop the case of the missing HDMI/VGA flylead!

This scenario is all too common in schools… You walk into the classroom to begin a lesson and the HDMI or VGA flylead is missing! This can be the beginning of a long conversation with the IT department who may or may not be able to help you. The lesson you prepared for, (which included […]... Read More »

A solution for a simple lamp replacement

It was another day at the office for the service technicians at DIB, when they got a service call from a regular client. They required a replacement lamp for one of their Epson projectors. Being a larger school with many classrooms, this was a potential problem that could happen to any number of projectors. Through […]... Read More »

Steps to Create an Online Account

You can monitor all of your requests (especially useful for larger organisations) by creating an online account. STEP 1 Go to support.dibaustralia.com.au STEP 2 Click ‘SIGN UP’ in top right hand corner. STEP 3 Fill in fields and then click ‘SIGN ME UP!’ STEP 4 A page will be displayed confirming you have signed up. […]... Read More »

Installation Numbers

This is a unique number which DIB applies to every installation it does. It is normally I#### (I for installation followed by 4 digits) and found on input plates, the projector or display screen and/or at the top of any rack cabinet. It allows DIB technicians to know exactly what equipment you have installed before […]... Read More »

Steps to Log a Service Request or Fault Online

STEP 1 Log on to support.dibaustralia.com.au STEP 2 Click ‘SUBMIT A REQUEST’ STEP 3 Fill in fields. Making your description of the fault as clear and detailed as possible will reduce any potential delays. You can even upload photos of the fault to assist the support staff. STEP 4 Click ‘SUBMIT’ and a confirmation page […]... Read More »