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Service and Maintenance

Fix No Sound from VGA input

Having no sound for your presentation can be a real hassle, particularly if you have video content as many speakers would. These simple next steps could help fix your problem, so there isn’t the disaster you’re thinking will happen! Firstly, if there is a control panel involved in the AV system, check that the correct […]... Read More »

Red light flashing on Epson EMP-400W projector

It was a sunny summer day in Melbourne when Reservoir High School contacted the service department at DIB Australia. Their Epson EMP-400W projector had a red light flashing next to the lamp indicator icon. The DIB technician diagnosed that this was a faulty lamp which needed replacement. A suitable time was made for the technician […]... Read More »

DIB technician provides fast service to fix faulty VGA cable

It was another busy day at DIB’s Head Office, when we received an urgent service call from one of our clients. The problem was a potentially faulty VGA cable in a classroom AV system. As this was an urgent service request, a DIB technician went out onsite the same day to try and resolve the […]... Read More »

How to fix lines that appear across my projector image?

DIB technicians deal with all sorts of service-related phone calls. Early into Term 1, the team at DIB Australia got a phone call from one of our clients who had a projector that had grid lines appearing across the projector screen. This was in a children’s area of the local library, which was serviced by […]... Read More »

How to stop the cleaners breaking the flyleads

In high-traffic areas such as classrooms, HDMI flyleads can easily get damaged. This can be true of school cleaners, who can inadvertently knock or twist connected HDMI flyleads as they are vacuuming or cleaning classrooms. This is a common problem that can be easily avoided with the small addition of a bullnose plate, which acts […]... Read More »

Faulty HDMI issue solved at Camberwell Grammar

A member of staff at Camberwell Grammar had just called DIB Australia in regards to an issue they were having with HDMI input plates in a few rooms. It was diagnosed that there was a faulty plate/connection. They had heard about bullnose plates and wondered if this would solve their problem. It was agreed on […]... Read More »

Fixing Projector Alignment Issues

Having a projector out of alignment can be frustrating; particularly if you are a high profile government agency. This was the exact AV issue that one of our clients was having, when they called DIB Australia. As the projector was in a high visibility area, the importance of this service call was placed as urgent. […]... Read More »