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The Reject Shop – Training/Meeting Room AV Installation

The Reject Shop approached DIB Australia to design an AV installation that would give them a flexible training room for a diverse user group. The main need they had was to have a very large digital canvas that was powerful enough to display large amounts of data. The system needed to be flexible enough to so they could use it for multiple purposes, but yet simple enough to use, so that anyone could operate the system.

 Reject Shop Training Room AV installation - Dual screen mode (m)

The DIB team consulted with The Reject Shop over a period of time to refine the specific solution  that would suit all their requirements for their meeting and training room. The final installation gives presenters three specific display modes for the room; central projector only, just the two side projectors or all three projectors (Video Wall – large wide display, edge-blended).

For the main component of the installation, it was decided that three Panasonic PT-RZ370 Full-HD projectors were to be used in an edge-blended configuration. This provided the seamless canvas, with a large display area that the client required. Wireless Sennheiser microphones, both lapel and handheld (Sennheiser SK100 + ME4 mic and Sennheiser SKM100) were chosen to provide presenters and trainers exceptional audio clarity and reliability.

At the heart of system, a couple of key devices were utilized, including the Kramer VS-88H 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher and DGKat extenders. Below is a photo of the fully installed system.

Reject Shop Training Room AV installation - AV rack (M)

For connectivity, device inputs were located at both the front and rear of the room and also included a rear control location, which incorporated the Extron TLP700TV 7″ Touchlink panel for simple control of the whole system.

Reject Shop Training Room AV installation - Extron TLP700TV (M)

Reject Shop Training Room AV installation - Extron TLP700TV (m2)

This included easy selection of projector mode and input point for devices (front or rear of room). DIB also installed a control panel specifically to turn select a microphone and be able to switch it on and off, and also to control the volume with Up and Down buttons. This is all in keeping with DIB’s ethos of providing client-specific solutions that leave clients with a positive AV experience and systems that are easy-to-use.

Reject Shop Training Room AV installation - Microphone control panel (m)

Overall, DIB Australia has provided another successful installation, giving the desired results required of our client with a simple, straightforward, easy-to-use system.

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