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NEW Samson Stage XPD1- USB Wireless Lapel Mic

The Samson Stage XPD1 is a simple, Wireless Lapel microphone with a unique setup that connects via a dongle, which is placed into a USB port on your computer.

Simple product, with various applications. In education these could include using the wireless lapel microphone for recording with screen capture of a lesson or using to plug into your computer to give more sound reinforcement in a room.


  • Belt clip
  • USB dongle (into USB port)
  • Simple audio solution

Whilst the Samson Stage XPD1 is good for providing audio for recording, because the connection is via USB there is some delay, so we feel it would not be suitable for live events.

Overall, this wireless lapel mic option is good value for money, with other Lapel mic offerings being a lot more than the the Samson Stage XPD1.

For more information about the Samson Stage XPD1, please contact a DIB Solutions Consultant on (03) 9457 4800 or CONTACT US.