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Powercor gains powerful EPSON EB-1430Wi

Powercor is one of the largest power distribution agencies in Australia. They deliver energy to more than a million homes and businesses in Victoria. Powercor prides itself on being a trustworthy, reliable business delivering quality power 24/7. In order to run such a successful and reliable business Powercor needs the best in technology to be able to maintain their high standards and consistent work production. Their values to embrace change, be community minded and maintain a high quality of positive customer interaction are supported by their technological capabilities.

Powercor engaged DIB Australia to help update two of their meeting rooms in order to stay technologically relevant and continue their high standard of energy delivery. These meeting rooms required an upgrade in order to provide the team with the best in technology.

DIB, in consultation with Powercor, decided on the powerful EPSON EB-1430Wi 3300 ANSI WXGA Meeting Mate FINGER TOUCH Interactive Projector as the perfect tool to upgrade their meeting rooms. The EPSON EB-1430Wi is the complete solution for all meeting scenarios with the ability to interact via touch or special pen, screen capture and split screen. Additionally, it includes the ability to save, print or email the meeting notes instantly, removing the need for distracting individual notes.

Additionally, the EPSON EB-1430Wi Interactive Projector is controlled by the Epson Meeting Mate Control pad. This control pad allows for intuitive use of the Meeting Mate system. With the touch of a button, the control pad is able to switch to a whiteboard function or start an ‘instant’ meeting. This control pad also comes with USB input to directly translate the meeting notes.

Epson Meeting Mate Control pad.

In order to increase connectivity, an HDMI wall plate connection was installed by the DIB team. Moreover, a set of EPSON 2 x 15 Watt 2-way Stereo speakers were installed to bring life to the projector and clearly create a high-quality sound experience.

HDMI and USB wall plate.

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